For the fifth year running, Costa Cruises is one of the best Italian companies to work for. That’s what the Top Employers Institute has decided, which awarded the company its prestigious Top Employers Italy 2018 certification. 

The annual research conducted by the Top Employers Institute certifies the best companies in the world in terms of HR: the ones that offer excellent working conditions, that train and develop talent at every level of the company and that constantly strive to improve and optimize their best practices in the field of Human Resources.

The cornerstone of the Top Employers selection procedure is participating in a strict and in-depth research study – the HR Best Practices Survey – and achieving the requisite high standards. As a guarantee of the certification’s validity, all companies undergo an audit, the purpose of which is to carefully verify the working conditions offered. In particular, the Top Employers Institute performs an in-depth examination of the following sectors: talent strategy; workforce planning; on-boarding; learning & development; performance management; leadership development; career & succession management; compensation & benefits; culture.

These are areas in which Costa Cruises excels. The Italian company employs international, young staff from all over the world – from 70 different countries – comprising more than 19,000 employees, of whom approximately 18,000 work on the 15 ships in service and about 1,000 in the shoreside offices. In 2017 Costa Cruises provided about 850,000 total hours of training to its employees and took on more than 3500 new resources. Over the year highly innovative projects have been implemented, such as smart working for office workers and the launch of courses at the new Accademia Ospitalità Italiana Crociere, the first academy in Italy dedicated to the highly qualified training of hotel professionals for cruise ships, established in Arenzano, Genoa together with the Fondazione ITS Accademia Italiana Marina Mercantile.

Antonella Varbaro, the Costa Campus Director of Costa Cruises said: “In a sector as competitive and dynamic as the cruise sector, human resources are the element that really makes the difference and allows us to achieve the highest levels of guest satisfaction. This is why we aim to continuously improve our training and development policies and our staff management strategies. Besides making us proud, the Top Employers certification that we have been awarded for the fifth year running is also a guarantee of the excellent working conditions that we provide.”

Alessio Tanganelli, the Brazil, Italy and Spain Regional Director of the Top Employers Institute, said: “An optimum working environment can foster the professional as well as the personal and human growth of people. Top Employers research has verified and certified that Costa Cruises has excellent HR conditions and provides a wide range of benefits and proactive initiatives to its employees, from working conditions to non-monetary benefits and structured training and development policies, all consistently in line with its corporate culture.”

More information can be found at the website, as well as all the details about the certification and the awards ceremony.