The Most Beautiful River Cruises – In Europe’s Most Picturesque Rivers

If you wish to experience the magic of a cruise but are hesitant about open waters, desire the feeling that land is just an arm’s reach away, and can dedicate one to two weeks for your journey; or simply prefer to stay inland rather than venturing into far-off overseas travels, take advantage of the opportunities offered by river cruises.

Discover Europe from a Different Perspective

Enjoy the cultural heritage and the comfort of travel by cruising through Europe’s most beautiful rivers:

  • The Loire;
  • The Rhine;
  • The Moselle;
  • The Danube;
  • The Guadalquivir;
  • The Guadiana;
  • The Douro and other rivers;
  • as well as their tributaries!

Some river cruises will take you to the Black Sea, which is unique in that it is almost entirely enclosed by land – connected to the Mediterranean Sea by just two straits. Because rivers in this part of Europe tend to freeze in winter, the river cruise season runs from March to Christmas.

Destinations That Will Take Your Breath Away

One of the broadest offerings of river cruises is in France, and for good reason – it is here that you find the most impressive cultural and culinary heritage, picturesque vineyards and historic wine cellars, enchanting views of river banks, and hospitable people. However, France is not the only country our partners offer to explore in this way. In Europe, there are more than 10 different starting and ending points for cruises:

  • Venice (Italy);
  • Linz (Austria);
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Seville (Spain);
  • Porto (Portugal);
  • Lisbon (Portugal);
  • Cologne (Germany);
  • Passau (Germany);
  • Stralsund (Germany);
  • Hamburg (Germany);
  • Berlin (Germany);
  • Lyon (France);
  • Nantes (France);
  • Strasbourg (France);
  • Chalon-sur-Saône (France);
  • Marseille (France).

Some river cruises offer the opportunity to visit several countries in a single journey. For example, a cruise starting in Cologne includes the Netherlands and Belgium in its itinerary. Meanwhile, a cruise starting from Linz in Austria travels through 7 countries and ends in the Black Sea. Choose from the routes offered by our partners – cruise companies CroisiEurope, DCS Touristik, or Crystal Cruises – and enjoy a romantic rest, peacefully sailing in the classic Danube cruise, or marvel at the Lorelei Cliff on the banks of the Rhine River from an unusual viewpoint!

River Cruise – The Best Way to Get to Know Various Cities

Art, music, history, theatre performances, street markets, cultural monuments, the best restaurants and cafes in the city – river cruises offer the opportunity to get to know and enjoy everything that cities such as Vienna, Budapest, Bremen, Bratislava, Lyon, Rotterdam, Avignon, Ancenis, and many other cities, where your chosen river cruise ship will dock.

What to Expect?

Weather Conditions:

In this region of Europe, the weather is slightly more summery than in Latvia, so you won’t encounter drastic temperature changes or other surprises.


Choose clothing appropriate for the season, and familiarize yourself with the ship’s dress code before your trip, which can vary from formal to casual, depending on the cruise company!


Payments on cruise ships and in cities can be made in euros, and credit cards are accepted for your convenience.

Enjoy the beauty of Europe from the most unusual and enchanting viewpoints that only river cruises can offer!