What’s the Difference Between the Arctic and Antarctica?

The Arctic and Antarctica might seem quite similar at first glance: Mountainous, snow-covered landscapes and icebergs, whales, and nesting seabirds by the tens of thousands…. Подробнее

27 января 2020

All About West Spitsbergen and Arctic Polar Ice

Remote and rugged, striking and surreal, West Spitsbergen is a unique and wonderful Arctic destination better known as the “realm of the polar bear.” The largest… Подробнее

3 апреля 2019

Every kids dream – Symphony of the Seas New Family Suite

Aboard Symphony of the Seas will be a brand-new type of family suite. Ultimate Family Suite over two decks is a dream come true for kids of all ages, offering a slide from th… Подробнее

1 февраля 2019

How Big is The World’s Largest Cruise Ship?

Have you ever thought how big are the World’s largest cruise ships? This will give you an idea how big they are and what can you do there. Подробнее

3 октября 2018

Silversea Expeditions 2019 itineraries: Silver Explorer

In 2019 Silver Explorer will start the year in the ultimate expedition cruising destination, Antarctica. She will offer longer voyages that in addition to the peninsula, will… Подробнее

1 ноября 2017

Cruise Lines Represented by Baltic GSA Have Ordered 31 Cruise Ship

Cruise lines represented by Baltic GSA have placed record order for 31 brand new cruise ship dedicated to European and American markets with expected delivery by the end of 2… Подробнее

18 октября 2017